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BULK BAG: Organic Raw Goldenberries, 10 lb

Mouth-puckering goodness!

Goldenberries, also known as Gooseberries or Incan Berries, have been cultivated in South America for centuries and revered for their health benefits and mouth-puckering sweet/sour flavor! The wrinkly, thick-skinned exterior contains a seedy, chewy interior that bursts with tart, citrusy flavor, similar to a kumquat.


A handful of Goldenberries provides a hefty dosage of antioxidants and unlike more common dried fruits, this superfood contains no added sugars or preservatives, which means you aren't loading up on unnecessary calories and chemicals. Goldenberries contain two important fatty acids - linoleic and oleic acid. Oleic acid is the same powerhouse fatty acid found in olive oil. They are also a significant source of withanolides, as well as the following nutritional components:

~ High In Protein: Goldenberries contain approximately 16% protein, which is extremely high for any kind of a plant or fruit, making them an excellent protein supplement for those who don't care to get their protein from animal or meat sources.

~ High In Phosphorous

~ Excellent Source of Vitamin A

~ Excellent Source of Vitamin C

~ Rich in Complex B Vitamins: There are numerous B vitamins that exist in the Goldenberry fruit (B1, B2, B6 and B12).

~ Delicious Source Of Bioflavonoids


Goldenberries provide support to the liver and kidneys, and a number of their antioxidant compounds provide support to the lungs.* Preliminary studies demonstrate that goldenberries may support healthy blood sugar levels, specifically as their components may inhibit the breakdown of starches in the body.*

Goldenberries have been shown to support regulation of the immune system and provide antioxidant support to several organ systems in the body.* The withanolides in goldenberries appear to be the primary component in this regulation.*

The fiber content of goldenberries supports healthy digestion and cholesterol levels.* Fiber-rich diets provide excellent support to weight loss and maintenance efforts.* Fiber contributes to slower digestion, thus ensuring better absorption of nutrients and more regular bowel functions.*


Wildcrafted Raw Goldenberries are organically-grown in Ecuador. They are not farm-raised and cultivated, like some other varieties available on the market today. These Goldenberries are picked at the peak of freshness, whereas other varieties may be picked when less ripe and therefore appear much lighter in color.

With the sweetness of a raisin and the zing of a tart citrus zest, our Goldenberries are an incredible Superfood addition to your diet!

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